DAMS Project is Accomplished Successfully

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The Development Agencies Management System (DAMS) Project was started on 16 August 2012 with the contract signed between the Regional Development and Structural Adjustment General Directorate of the Ministry of Development and TÜBİTAK BİLGEM Software Technologies and Research Institute (YTE).

The first available output in the project, implemented by applying agile software development methods, was released all in Turkey as of October 2012.

As of March 31, 2016, the last intermediate product operations completed successfully.

A 6-month active maintenance period has begun, in which requests for improvement and requirement changes requested by stakeholders are reflected.

With DAMS,

  • Supports provided by all Agencies can be monitored and reported instantaneously.
  • Interpretation and implementation differences between agencies that may arise during the application, the evaluation and the monitoring phase of the projects is minimized.
  • With the system usage, transactions become faster and the mistakes that can be caused by the human factor are minimized.
  • Authorized personnel are only allowed to see data what they are authorized. This has increased the level of information privacy and security.
  • The Common Independent Evaluator (BD) pool, which is created throughout Turkey, ensures that the BD process is more transparent, efficient and accountable.
  • Guidance information is provided to decision makers through effective, transparent and reliable management, instant monitoring and reporting.

The number of users in the System which has been actively used in Turkey for 3.5 years has exceeded 50.000.

19,500 project applications were received under the scope of 276 Financial Support Programs.

The total budget of 4,450 projects signed by these applicants exceeded TL 2.5 Billion.