HİDS Project Has Been Successfully Completed

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Development of Basin Monitoring and Evaluation System (HİDS) Project has been succesfully realized with the cooperation of TÜBİTAK BİLGEM Software Technologies Research Institute (YTE) and Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs. Basin monitoring and evaluation system is a geographical system that processes data themes such as erosion, desertification, land use and sustainable forest management together for all the watersheds. By means of the HİDS Project, resource saving will be ensured by realizing the integrated basin projects, the practices of the fight against desertification in a more reliable and result oriented way and will be avoided repeated investments in the basins.

By the continuously updating of the Turkish Desertification Risk Map developed within the scope of the project, the effectiveness of the precaution taken will be measurable, so that the change of desertification risk of our country can be monitored and desertification trends can be determined. Thanks to its dynamic capabilities, Desertification Model of Turkey can be adapted to several ecosystems and ways of implementation of the model in different countries have been researched.

The HİDS Project has been successfully completed after a year of cooperation of  academicians from different domains/backgrounds  (climate, land, geography, vegetation, socio-economy, etc.) and experts of several related public institutions.