Tracking and Monitoring Functions in Product Tracking System have been put into use for Optic Medical Devices

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Product Tracking System (UTS) that has been developed by TUBITAK BILGEM for Ministry of Health Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency have been put into use on June 12, 2017 for the use of medical device companies and from this date forward, registration of medical device companies with the process of registration and examination of documents and medical devices started to be have been carried out in UTS. Within this period, approximately 17.000 medical device companies in different fields of activity were registered in UTS. More than 600.000 medical devices were examined through UTS and over 500.000 medical devices were registered successfully.

The unique tracking and monitoring of optic medical devices have been started via UTS from the date of September 11, 2017. The manufacturer and importer companies which have been registered in UTS will send notification of production for the optical unique products that they produced and will send notification of importation for the imported optical unique products, following these declarations, notifications of delivery / receipt up to optical shops will be made through UTS to ensure the product movements of these unique products have been recorded. Optical medical devices will be delivered to the citizen though notification of sales by optical shops. Both the manufacturer and the consumer will be protected by means of sending UTS notifications of movements from the points where unique products pass. An important step will be taken in the fight against subterranean economy in Turkey and the prevention of smuggling will be ensured and citizens will be able to access the secure product with this application and business model that is the first and the only in the world.