TÜBİTAK BİLGEM YTE Shared PostgreSQL Experience with the Public and Private Sector Ecosystem

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The 5th Conference of PostgreSQL Turkey (PG Day Istanbul 2018) that is organized by the PostgreSQL Users and Developers Association is held at Bahçesehir University on September 22, 2018. TÜBİTAK-BİLGEM YTE Institute is a platinum sponsor for this conference and also participated it.

The conference brought together a large number of participants from the public and private sectors in order to introducing and dissemination of the most advanced open source database PostgreSQL that is the most widely used in the public and private sectors around the World. Information and experiences were shared with the presentations of the speakers who are experts in their fields in Turkey and abroad.

In the conference, experience and information presented about the development of PostgreSQL ecosystem and expertise which is carried out from our institute and the usage of PostgreSQL in the New State Accounting Software System that developed by our Institute with the Directorate General of Accounting of the Ministry of Treasury and Finance.

Public and private sector participants shared their knowledge in different sessions such as PostgreSQL architectures in cloud technologies, PostgreSQL usage in public institutions, the transition from commercial databases to PostgreSQL, the development of security and plugin during parallel sessions at a day-long conference.