TÜBİTAK BİLGEM YTE Shared PostgreSQL Experience with the Public Ecosystem

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Public Open Source Conference was held for the first time in Istanbul on Thursday, October 4th. Public Open Source Conference that conducted by TÜBİTAK ULAKBİM under the supervision of Ministry of Industry and Technology, was hosted by Pendik Municipality. Many open source applications such as the PARDUS national operating system were discussed in conference and TÜBİTAK-BİLGEM YTE Institute also contributed to this conference via their presentation and sharing of experiences.

The conference started with the opening speeches of the Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology M.Fatih Kacır, Nevzat Doğan Mayor of İzmit, Kenan Şahin Mayor of Pendik, Remzi Aydın Mayor of Eyüp and Fatih Turan the General Director of İSKİ participated to the entitled panel “The Effect of Management on Open Source Transformation“ as speakers.

In the speeches moderated by M.Fatih Kacır, the contribution of the use of open source technologies to the development of national technology, as an alternative to reducing the dependence on foreign sources and the effective use of public resources was emphasized. In addition to the use of Open Source, the importance of digital transformation is also emphasized by Fatih Kacır, he also stated that he will work public dissemination on the Digital Maturity and Digital Competence Model which developed by our Institute YTE.  

Free training was given to the IT staff in the public sector within the scope of the conference in Turkey. Our National Operating System, PARDUS, was discussed in detail in the conference within the objectives of dissemination of open source software under the leadership of Turkey. Information and experiences were shared through the presentations from the specialist who are operating in the public sector.

At the conference, the Open Source PostgreSQL database ecosystem and expertise development activities that is carried out in our institute, and the use of PostgreSQL database in the State Accounting Information System developed by the General Directorate of Accounting of the Ministry of Treasury and Finance and YTE Institute, were presented.