Digital Transformation Planning

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Digital Transformation Planning in which digital transformation needs are defined by a multidisciplinary corporate architectural perspective and solutions that take into account new technologies and innovative approaches are planned in order to utilize at the highest level of information technology of public institutions and organizations, and to operate with a high quality, efficient, effective and transparent structure.

In the presentation of these services:

• The vision of achievable and sustainable digital transformation and its harmonized objectives are determined in accordance with the needs of institutions and organizations. AS-IS Analysis is carried out with a multidisciplinary systematic approach in the axis of strategy and policy, legislation, service, process, data, software, IT infrastructure analysis.
With Needs Analysis, the determinations obtained by AS-IS analysis are justified as digital transformation needs in consideration of new technologies, innovative approaches and good practice examples. Digital transformation strategies and objectives are determined in the phase of the Target View Determination to meet the justification.
A Roadmap is developed in which short, medium and long term solutions providing the specified target view are planned and programmed as projects and activities. If necessary, it is converted into Technical Specification.

• Enterprise Digital Transformation Planning
• Software Development Feasibility
• Technical Provisions Preparation
• Spatial Based Decision Support System Development

The listed services that offered in the field of Digital Transformation Planning.