Software Development

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Software Development services are dedicated in accordance with High Maturity Level (CMMI Level 5) and Open Source Coded Technology Usage policy. In order to develop strategic, critical and R&D solutions that enable the actualization of key actions in the national agenda and strategy and policy documents that guide the digital state ecosystem.

• Software requirements are created based on the definition of the targeted solution and prioritized work packages.
• Architectural design, coding, code review and testing activities are carried out.
• The user interface of the developed software is designed considering human-computer interaction and the user’s comfort is provided.
• Training materials are prepared in accordance with the needs and expectations of the target group, user training is given practically and necessary user support is provided.

The quality assurance activities that defined in the transition points of the solution phases are carried out through Project and Program Management perspective and within the scope of actualisation of the proposed projects and activities on the road map.

• Microservice Architecture
• Cloud Solution
• Agile Development and DevOps
• High Maturity in Software CI/CD
• Serverless Architecture
• Change Data Capture
• Use of Open Source Coded Technology

The listed services that offered in the field of Software Development