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2012 September: The Department of Software and Data Engineering (G222), which operates under TÜBİTAK BİLGEM UEKAE, was also structured as a Software Technologies Research Institute of TÜBİTAK-BİLGEM.

2010 September: UEKAE (The National Research Institute of Electronics and Cryptology) and BTE (Information Technologies Institute) are merged under the umbrella of BİLGEM (Informatics and Information Security Research Center) with the decision of TUBITAK Science Board ; The G222 Unit was promoted to Institute Assistant Director in the organization of UEKAE under the name of Software and Data Engineering Department.

2008 January: G222 Strategic Goals have been added to providing services to Public Institutions software projects.

2005 June: The Software Development Department was restructured with the organizational change under the name of TÜBİTAK - UEKAE / G222 Unit and the Electronic Warfare Department as TÜBİTAK - UEKAE / ILTAREN.

2004 September: Electronic Warfare Department moved to a different location from Software Development Department.

2001 January: The Electronic Warfare was officially included in the field of activity of UEKAE with the decision of TUBITAK Science Committee. Software Development Department and Electronic Warfare Department were defined as the subdivisions of İLTAREN.

1999 December: İLTAREN Working Group has started its activities with 3 Researchers and 2 Area Specialists in TÜBİTAK Presidential Building.

1999 October: In accordance with the protocol signed between TÜBİTAK and The Office of Commander in Chief Communications, Presidency of Electronic and Information Systems, TÜBİTAK - UEKAE was assigned to establish an institute called İLTAREN which will operate in the field of Electronic Warfare.

The terms of “Data Engineering” expresses the analysis, design, development, testing and evaluation studies for the purpose of the development of information systems that can use information effectively and use the engineering techniques and methodologies to make the data ready for use in information systems.